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KJo On Koo Ahead Of National Voters’ Day

KJo On Koo Ahead Of National Voters’ Day

'Would Like To Remind Everyone...': KJo On Koo Ahead Of Voters' Day

National Voters’ Day: “Voting is everyone’s right,” Karan Johar wrote on Koo (File)

New Delhi:

“India is the largest democracy in the world and voting is everyone’s right,” Karan Johar’s post on Koo read as the filmmaker urged everyone to “not forget to exercise their rights to vote” ahead of the National Voters’ Day tomorrow.

“India is the largest democracy in the world and voting is everyone’s right. Tomorrow, 25th Jan is the National Voters Day and on that occasion, I would like to remind everyone in advance to not to forget to exercise their rights to vote,” he wrote.

National Voters’ Day was first celebrated in 2011 across the country to mark the foundation day of the Election Commission of India in 1950. The main purpose of the day is to encourage, facilitate and make sure all Indians eligible for voting are enrolled. Special attention is given to the new voters. The new voters are felicitated and are given their Elector Photo Identity Card (EPIC).

This year’s theme – “Electoral Literacy for Stronger Democracy” – envisages focus on ECI’s commitment to facilitate the active participation of voters during the elections and to make the complete process hassle-free and a memorable experience for all categories of voters.

A national voter awareness contest on social media – “My Vote is my Future – Power of One Vote” will be launched to reiterate the importance of every vote through creative expression for the ongoing Assembly Elections 2022, an official press release said. “With a host of categories like Song, Slogan, Quiz, Video Making, and Poster Design, the contest will be open to all. The winners shall be presented with exciting cash prizes and accolades,” it added.

Dedicated to the voters of the country, the day is meant to spread awareness among voters and for promoting informed participation in the electoral process.

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