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Mumbai Warms Up With Memes On An Unusually Chilly Day

Several people in Mumbai were seen lighting bonfires to keep themselves warm early morning.


It is unusually cold in Mumbai with light rain and chilly winds bringing down temperatures in the city, leaving citizens to warm up with memes on social media.

The minimum temperature dropped to 13.4 degrees Celsius this morning.

Earlier this month, Mumbai experienced the season’s coldest morning with temperatures dropping to 13.2 degrees on January 10.

Weather experts say the chill is due to a strong western disturbance in North India that resulted in a sharp dip in temperatures in Mumbai from January 22. Mumbai, Pune and other cities also felt the impact of a dust storm that originated in the Middle East and led to poor air quality in the region.

India Meteorological Department officials said that Mumbai’s maximum temperatures recorded the steepest fall in a decade in January this year.

Several people were seen lighting bonfires to keep themselves warm early this morning.

The sight of Mumbai residents in rarely-worn sweaters has inspired much humour.

Many took to the internet to share jokes and started a meme fest with Delhi and other colder states, trying to drive home the fact that winter has at last arrived in the city.

Among those who shared their experiences on Twitter was Congress leader Milind Deora who posted a photo of himself and said, “Mumbai was so chilly this morning that I stepped out wearing a fully buttoned woolen Bundi. A first for us Mumbaikars and hopefully not the last.”

Entrepreneur Sanjay Mehta wrote, “Hope the Decacorns and Unicorns of the door delivery businesses have equipped their delivery teams in Mumbai, with some sweaters?! It is pretty cold out there today!”

A thick layer of fog also engulfed Mumbai and nearby areas in Maharashtra yesterday morning as the air quality dropped into the ‘severe’ category and resulted in poor visibility. As per the National Air Quality Index daily tally, Mumbai recorded an AQI of 286 today, an improvement from yesterday.

Officials have blamed a dust storm in the middle east and other border areas triggered by a recent western disturbance for the haze in the city that is likely to clear completely by this evening.

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