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PM Modi’s Address At World Economic Forum’s Davos Summit

PM Modi’s Address At World Economic Forum’s Davos Summit

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Davos Agenda today where he said that India has given the entire world a “bouquet of hope”. “The bouquet contains – trust towards democracy, technology to empower 21st century and talent & temperament of us Indians,” he said.

The WEF’s annual meeting, which has been taking place in the Swiss ski resort town of Davos for 50 years now, could not take place in 2021 due to the Coronavirus pandemic and has been deferred till early summer this year.

However the virtual summit ‘Davos Agenda’ summit would be held for the second consecutive year on the dates originally scheduled for the physical annual meeting.


*We used the Corona time for reforms.

*India is dealing with the third wave of pandemic as I speak to you today.

*India has given the world a bouquet of hope. We have unwavering faith in this bouquet.

*We also focused on reforms in the right direction. Global economic experts have praised India’s decisions and I’m certain that we will fulfill the world’s aspirations from India.

*In just one year, India has administered nearly 160 crore Covid vaccine doses. A democracy such as India has given the entire world a bouquet of hope. The bouquet contains – trust towards democracy, technology to empower 21st century and talent & temperament of us Indians.

*India fighting another COVID-19 wave with full alertness and caution while maintaining economic growth.

*In the times of Covid, we saw India’s vision of one Earth, One Health which helped save millions of lives by sending medicines to countries. India is today the pharmacy of the world. It is a country whose doctors are earning the trust of all through their empathy.

*During this crisis, the IT sector worked round the clock. India is now contributing a record number of software professionals to the world. India has the world’s third-highest number of Unicorns.

*In the previous year, the digital infra developed and adopted by India have become its greatest strength. Aarogya Setu app and CoWin Portal are India’s source of pride. There was a time when India was known because of its license raaj. I understand the challenges to India’s businesses. We are working to reduce the challenges.

*The entrepreneurship spirit that Indians have, the ability to adopt new technology, can give new energy to each of our global partners. So, this is the best time to invest in India.

*Entrepreneurship among Indian youth is at a new height today. In 2014 where there were few hundred registered startups in India. At the same time, their number has crossed 60 thousand today. It also has more than 80 unicorns, of which more than 40 were made in 2021.

*Today India is making policies, taking decisions regarding the present as well as the goals of the next 25 years. In this period, India has set the goals of high growth, a saturation of welfare, and wellness. This period of growth will also be green, it will also be clean, it will also be sustainable, it will also be reliable.

*We have to accept that our lifestyle is also a big challenge for the climate. ‘Throw away’ culture and consumerism have made the climate challenge more serious. It is very important to move rapidly towards the circular economy which is the ‘take-make-use-dispose’ economy of today.

*Though India constitutes 70% of the global population that takes up power commission of only 5%, our effort for sustainable development is 100%.

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