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Tillotama Shome Reveals She Says “Sorry A Lot”

Tillotama Shome Reveals She Says “Sorry A Lot”

Actor Shows Off Armpit Hair - But She's Not Making A Statement

Tillotama Shome shared a picture showing off her armpit hair.

It’s the year 2022 and the debate around body hair refuses to die – but Tillotama Shome is not one to make a big deal over a little fuzz. The Monsoon Wedding actor took to Instagram this morning to share a picture showing off her underarm hair. She posed for the photograph in a tank top, proud and unapologetic while lifting her arms to display her not-so-smooth armpits. But unlike several other celebrities who have famously gone au naturel, Tillotama was clear about one thing – she was not trying to make a statement with the photograph. 

“I do say sorry a lot,” the actor wrote in the caption of her photograph, which shows her wearing a tank top bearing the word “Unapologetic”. 

“Worst is when I apologise in anticipation of someone’s apology, as if it’s a hello,” she continued

“I am sorry if I did something good because I could have done it better. The visceral ones of course, slip out of your mouth in silence,” wrote Tillotama Shome. Her T-shirt, she added, was a reminder to apologise less and mean it more. 

The bit about her body hair she added almost as an afterthought – perhaps in an attempt to emphasise just how much of a non-issue it should be in this day and age. “Oh and about body hair, yeah not sorry about it,” wrote Tillotama. In her bid to normalise body hair, she continued: “I wear it as I like it. It’s not a statement. 

“I also wax. I also don’t. Good day!” she concluded. 

Tillotama Shome’s Instagram post has racked up nearly 5,000 ‘likes’ and a ton of comments.

“Your post is most unapologetic. Kudos girl,” wrote Archana Puran Singh in the comments section. 

“I just love you,” said actor Rytasha Rathore, while several other Instagram users praised Tillotama for normalising body hair and dropped compliments on her picture.

With this post, Tillotama Shome has joined the growing list of celebrities who have tried to normalise body hair. The list includes the likes of Madonna, Miley Cyrus and supermodel Emily Ratajkowski

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