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You Don’t Have Rs 10, Farmer Shopping For SUV Was Told. Then, Revenge.

The farmer had gone to buy a Bolero pick-up when a salesman allegedly rudely asked him to leave.

A farmer in Karnataka who went to a showroom to buy a Bolero pick-up truck was humiliated by the salesman who sneered that he could hardly afford a car. The farmer threw a challenge and returned with the cash in an hour, in a script straight out of the movies. The salesman apologised.

Videos of the incident, took place at a Mahindra showroom in Karnataka’s Tumakuru on Friday, have been widely shared and even flagged on Twitter to Anand Mahindra.

The farmer, Kempegowda, had gone to buy a Bolero pick-up when the salesman allegedly rudely told him off and asked him to leave.

The car is worth Rs 10 lakh, the salesman said, and “you probably don’t even have Rs 10 in your pocket”. He dismissed Kempegowda because of his appearance, the farmer and his friends allege.

An argument broke out and Kempegowda dared the salesman to arrange the delivery of an SUV the same day if he brought the money within an hour.

He returned with cash. The stunned sales executive, predictably, could not manage instant delivery – the waitlist is usually long. It would not take less than four days to deliver his car.

Incensed, Kempegowda and his friends demanded an apology and more heated words were exchanged, until the police stepped in and broke up the fight.

The sales executive finally apologised to Kempegowda. “I don’t want to buy a car from your showroom,” the farmer said, walking off with his Rs 10 lakh.

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